We have all feel it at some point in our life…. that little voice inside our head that tells us “we can’t” or that “we’re not good enough”. 

However, ultimately those who build great businesses and meaningful lives are those who have developed the self awareness to move past this voice. 

In this episode I’m joined by Melissa Ambrosini, best selling author and entrepreneur, to talk about strategies you can use to master the inner critic that's holding you back. 

We take these questions: 

4:07 – Melissa, once you’ve identified your target audience, how do you recommend getting your brand in front of them?

11:10 – Do either of you have rituals or mantras "that you use when fear or\Nself-doubt hits to help you "get though those moments.”

17:32 – Can you both talk about when you got started and any challenges you had, particularly around mindset?

21:31- You're both successful writers, so what book has changed your life and why?

24:09  – Hi guys, Jack you probably get asked this a million times, how do I convince myself slash snap out of the nine to five mentality to pursue the entrepreneurial path. I know that I'm suited to working or creating something for myself but unsure of what the first step is?

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