Business is about strategy. As an entrepreneur, you need to architect. Architect what people you need, what team composition you need, what resources they need, what the priorities are, what the priorities are not, what culture you want, what expectations you have. And once you have all of that, like a good coach, what play do we need to make now. I see so many entrepreneurs playing the role of the technician, so entrenched in their business they're not architecting, they're not calling the plays, as such the business lacks drive and direction.

This episode is all about strategy. In a unique week that was full of speaking to our members and coaching our Business Adventure Club Members (our elite inner circle with entrepreneurs doing an average of $7.1m and aiming to get to 8 or 9 figure revenues). In it we discuss the importance of creating the future, staging out the strategy, architecting the plan, building out the team, managing the cash and staying focused and committed to the path.

Anyone who's running an already growing business, or is keen to learn how, allocate 20 minutes to watch this and let me know in the comments below, what your number one learning is.