Every day I speak to business owners who are spread too thin, under the pump, and feel like they are literally doing everything in their business. Feel familiar?

My advice to you if you’re in this position is this… DELEGATE

Sure, maybe you think that if you delegate something it won’t be done quite as well, but stop and look at it like this for a minute:

How much annual revenue do you think your business could make if you were solely focused on growing it? 

For the sake of this exercise let’s say it’s around $1.8 million.

If you work 48 weeks a year, this means that your worth to the business is $37,500 per week. 

This breaks down to $7,500 a day… $937.50 per hour. 

ANYTHING micro that you can delegate our outsource for less than that will put you in front. So get comfortable with delegating, except that mistakes might be made, but this opportunity cost of NOT delegating is far worse.