Read this if you’re wishing away the days until the weekend…

On Monday last week I woke up with an overwhelming feeling that there was nothing I would rather be doing than going into work to see my team. 

I had a full day planned of strategising, a boardroom session, meetings and probably a million other things on, but there was literally nowhere else I’d rather be. 

That exact same morning, I was sitting in a cafe, when I heard a waitress say: “2 down 3 to go…”… referring to how many days were left in the week, until the ‘freedom’ of the weekend. 

Now anyone who follows me will know that I value my weekends and holidays too, and don’t subscribe to the 24/7 hustle mentality. 

But you know what happens when we get to Saturday and Sunday? For most of us the work week just starts again. 

So if you’re wishing away the Monday to Friday, you are literally wishing away 70% off your life… 

If this is you then see this as a sign that something needs to change to make your world more meaningful to you 

As Seth Godin so aptly puts it: “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from.”

That’s all from me for now, check out this episode for more insights into this plus a behind-the-scenes look at my very busy week. 

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