In this episode of #AskJackD I’m joined by Freelancer’s founder & CEO, Matt Barrie, to talk about Sydney’s lockout laws, the mistakes we young entrepreneurs commonly make and raising capital to accelerate growth. 

2:49 – Make Sydney late again, talk to us about what happened, why did they do it, what's your stance? What's the damage that's been done with these lockout laws?

12:31 – So, for those that are unfamiliar with the Freelancer story, pre-IPO, I suppose, how did it come about?

13:36 – Did you raise money for initially acquiring businesses?

20:26 – Are there are any sort of common mistakes that you see early stage entrepreneurs making across the board. What are they?

27:11 – Given the success of sites like Freelancer, what do you think are the most important skills to learn for future success and what do you think future jobs will look like?

29:59 – What would you suggest for getting some key meetings, what would you suggest to do for getting some key meetings with large capital groups to be able to get some good feedback on your business model or company. I've found these meetings very difficult to set up. And I'd like to know if you have any resources for connecting with these groups for pre-raise meetings.

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