The most important conversation we've have had on #AskJackD to date.  

Tim Morris, Director of Education at The Entourage & ex GM of Uber Melbourne joins me to talk disruptive innovation. 

We cover: 
2:13 – The "secrets to Uber's success: what they did right and how you can do the same

8:55 – Why great businesses constantly focus on disrupting themselves

17:09 – How long did it take for you to realise that your first business wasn’t the right business for you? What did you do once you decided this? How did you go from one\Nproject to the next?

22:04- Did you find any similarity in your half-marathon mindset and business mindset?

25: 33 – How are you measuring The Entourage’s mission?

I hope you enjoy watching this conversation as much as I enjoyed being part of it. 

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