PR and personal branding… two of the most overlooked drivers of building a successful business. Loved having Taryn Williams, Founder of Wink Models and on #AskJackD to shed her own unique light on these topics.

We take the following questions:
8:40 – If you are entering a market which already has a number of players, how do you differentiate yourself? #AskJackD

13:30 – You mentioned it’s been a hard slog. What’s the hardest lesson or epiphany you’ve had in managing employees? #AskJackD

21:10 – How do you build a story around your brand? How important is your brand’s story to drive PR? #AskJackD

25:05 – How important is linking your personal profile to your brand? I have a fear of making the business look too small when I am trying to be disruptive in a big industry… but I also understand the importance and trust that using your personal profile gives the brand. #AskJackD


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