In this episode I’m joined by Justin Dry, Founder of one of Australia’s fastest growing businesses, Vinomofo. Launched in April 2011 from a garage in Adelaide, Vinomofo has grown quickly and profitably to a run rate of more than $50m revenue, 400,000 plus members, and a team of 100.

Together Justin and I take questions on cashflow, branding and the early hard days in business.

2:28 – Hey Jack wondering what your advice would be around the biz growing faster than cashflow is allowing? What would you do? Or what have you done?

7:54 – is firing more important than hiring. Or both? Hearing a lot of talk about “just give them a go if it feels good” but sort the firing out if they don’t turn out right for you?

11:55 – What’s your view on individuals having a backup option that provides a margin of safety?

14:22 – Just wondering – what are the top lessons you learned from the early “hard” days in business?

21:49 – How do you stay aligned to your values while working towards personal and business success?

25:00 – I’m dedicated to creating my own success. I have a passion for fitness. Question, is it better to CREATE a brand ( eg. Apple) or BE the brand? (eg. Lorna Jane)?

28:30 – How can you have a long term operational plan when changes in industry are so quickly?

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