Jack Delosa, Founder & CEO of The Entourage recently shared his biggest regret in business with Entreprenuer.com.

If I go back to when I started my first business, I was 18 and didn’t know much at all about running a business. I made every mistake in the book, from not having a solid understanding of my consumer to having no clear vision for the business and life I wanted to build. That business ultimately failed, which I could look at through the lens of regret, however I consciously choose not to.

Instead, I see that period of my life as my apprenticeship in business, the lessons I learned from those failures shaped who I am today. As an entrepreneur you need to give yourself this grace to fail, especially in the early days. In order to achieve anything great, you have to possess the ability to persevere through the challenges that will inevitably come your way and learn from each milestone along your journey.

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