My favourite episode of #AskJackD to date. I talk all things influencer marketing with, Jules Lund, Founder of Tribe.

We talk about why you need to be using Snapchat, how you can use influencers to build your brand and cutting through the noise on social media:

2:58 – Snapchat is the next big social marketplace. How will brands engage with snapchat influencers?

9:16 – We have numerous platforms on social media today, how can we use influencers proactively, avoid white noise media, and keep ahead with the evolving technology?

12:12 – What are respectable qualifiers in a potential influencer?

13:45 – Hi guys, would love to understand your views on how influencers can be used for services based industries like us in finance, where the lead time and process to getting a house is so long. #AskJackD

18:20 – I’m extremely excited that Jules has developed this great idea. What is your most important tip for growing your audience to be at the level where brands will want to come on board and work with you? To take you from that amateur level to a professional level. Thanks Georgie.

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