The extent to which you fulfil your vision is the extent to which you can mobilise other people towards it. Those who are able to achieve great things are those who have developed an ability to touch the hearts and minds of people everywhere. This ability is called leadership, and its essence is greatly misunderstood.

Any meaningful endeavour in life is going to require you to be an exceptional leader. Whether you want to be a great parent, a great partner, a great employee or a great entrepreneur, how successful you are in that endeavour will come down to how well you are able to move people.

In this episode of #AskJackD I’m joined by Michelle Hespe, Editor-In-Chief of The CEO Magazine to talk about what it takes to be a strong leader. 

We take these questions: 

Hi Jack, what are the most important skills to develop to be a successful CEO? 

What is the best way to get noticed by a journalist? #AskJackD

What are the don’ts when reaching out the media? 

You feature many prominent leaders in your magazine, in your opinion who is the greatest leader of our time and why?

What ‘s your biggest weakness?

Everyone says to work smart not work hard (although most of the time you need to work smart and hard). How do you take a step back and evaluate if what you are doing is truly smart? 

In Unwritten you speak of The Entourage having an informal culture that lends itself to innovation and how it enables your high-performance team. How does your team decide what processes need to be formalised or be allowed to occur organically?

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