Too often I see businesses fail after founders spend months and months planning the perfect product, the perfect launch, the perfect brand.

Why do these businesses fail? Because the founders overlook one core thing: whether there is an actual market demand for their product. They become married to an idea, and can’t walk away or iterate – even if it doesn’t gain traction.

Stacey Jacobs, Founder of Tidy Me, did the opposite. She started with a hypothesis – that people found it hard to find cleaners in their area. Then she built a business using free, easy to use platforms and tools that addressed this. And she did it all in only 7 days.

In this episode Stacy and I go through:
– How she launched so quickly (with limited funds)
– The importance of testing your idea
– Marketing strategies that will enable you to gain traction in the early days
– Iterating based on consumer feedback

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