In this episode I talk to Instagram influencer & Founder of Build Your Empire, Brad Cameron, around what it takes to grow an your Instagram account to 1 million followers.

We take the following questions:

3:09 – How did you generate so much traffic and build a follower base towards yourself and company?

8:51 – I want to start my own business but have no access to funding for startup what should i do?

12:57 – What are must haves when trying to create a business plan?@jackdelosa @bradcameron_ I’ve managed busy restaurants for years, effective in operations and building teams and can cook. I want to open a restaurant but not sure how to start.

16:19 – Where do you find people to network with to find a mentor?

19:42 – I have a great idea that I think has great potential, where do I start and what is the first step to make it happen?

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