Entrepreneurship is alchemy. It’s taking nothing and turning it into something.

This is exactly what Tony Nash, Founder of Booktopia, has done. With only a $10 investment, he has built a $113 Million company.

Perhaps what’s more impressive, he has done all this in what many consider a ‘dying’ industry against one of the fiercest competitors in the world. 

In this episode of The Jack Delosa Podcast, Tony gives us a step-by-step walkthrough of how he has built his online empire. 

Make you listen to learn:

  • The one question he asks himself every single month to ensure Booktopia achieves high double-digit growth each year
  • Why setting ‘impossible’ growth targets is the key to outperforming competitors
  • The catalyst for Tony’s growth that has had a higher ROI than anything else in his business – this answer will surprise you!

If you’re serious about scaling your business, do NOT miss this episode. 

Click here to listen: How Booktopia Grew From $10 to a $113 Million Company in a ‘Dying’ Industry